Sheet-fed printing

  • print to 720x330 mm with superior quality
  • clear toner for highlighting details
  • personification option
  • print from one piece to thousands
  • extremely short delivery date due to fast printing

Large format printing

  • photographic print quality with 1200x1200 dpi resolution
  • interior and exterior use without need of lamination
  • complementary ink Light, Orange, Red
  • complementary colors for expansion of the color spectrum
  • reproduction of artworks

UV printing

  • high resolution for photographic quality print
  • print with a wide scale of materials with a flat surface
  • media: paper, pvc, wood, metal, plexiglass, glass, reboard, etc.
  • printing of acoustic panels ECOPHONE
  • material height up to 10cm table surface 2x3 meters
  • white color print


  • complete processing of printed and non-printed products
  • formatting, shape cutting, milling, slashing, cutting
  • bindings V1, V2 PUR, TWIN
  • lamination for small and large formats
  • folding, bending, perforation