What we do

We transform your ideas into a real picture and subsequently prepare the details for production
Custom production from wood, metal and plastic including 3D adverts
Complete manufacture of printed matter and POS materials, creation of advertising campaigns
Turnkey implementation of housing, office and commercial spaces

Who we are

We are on the market since 2012 but we have been working in this industry since 1993. Over the course of our entire working career we went through many positions, ranging from regular employees in production up to managers. Establishing our own company was only a logical step in the professional life, which allowed us to implement our perspective onto the direction in this industry without compromises, to which we were compelled by working in a big corporation.

Among our main pillars, on which we build the success of our company, belong…


We specialize in high-end quality. We achieve this with investments in modern technologies, use of tested materials with superior quality, and a meticulous system of quality control during the manufacturing process. Our employees are specialists in this department and constantly educate themselves.


In today’s world you have to compete at a pace, with which you accomplish to deliver the product and solution from the moment of its order. We have everything based on machine equipment and a sophisticated system of production management. Because of this we are able to actualize projects with superior quality and in such a short time compared to our competitors.


We are constantly watching trends and investing in new technologies, finding new materials and innovative solutions to be able to offer you a high-end product, with which you draw away from your competitors.


We think up concepts tailored to your business sector, which are compelling and timeless. We manage to bring you a different point of view, save money thanks to experience and at the same time deliver a fully functional solution.